6 Rano Raraku, or the Nursery 
Rano Raraku is the volcano from which all the moai were carved and is one of the most spectacular sites on Easter Island.
5 Rano Kau and the Orongo Ceremonial Village 
Rano Kau is an extinct volcano on the tip of Easter Island, and is also where the Orongo Ceremonial Village is, as well as the Birdman Cult island.
4 Hanga Roa Hotel and Moai 
There are a lot of ahu and moai in walking distance from Hanga Roa. Also, pictures of our hotel.
3 Anakena Beach 
Anakena Beach is where the first settlers lived, and has a beautiful ahu.
2 Ahu Tongariki 
The Moai at Ahu Tongariki were erected by a Japanese research team between 1992 and 1997 and it is the most spectacule ahu we saw.
1 Ahu Akivi 
Ahu Akivi are the only moai that face the ocean.